Keynote Fall Semester Events

Christian Professional Panel

Starting in Spring 2022, CBF invited 4 male Christian professionals to discuss their experiences as a Christian working in a professional environment. Hopefully Fall 2022 but possibly Spring 2023 CBF will be hosting 4-5 female Christian professionals to discuss their experiences as a Christian in the work force!

Date: TBD

Location: UUW-324

Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

This November CBF will be hosting the 30th annual Pre-Thanksgving Dinner at Grace Point Church.

Date: TBD

Location: Grace Point Church

Fall Procrastination Station

CBF helps relieve some stress from the campus community by offering free food and a time to take a break from studying a few days before finals week in the fall semester.

Date: TBD

Location: TBD

Keynote Spring Semester Events

Valentine's Day Panel

Around Valentine's day, CBF invites three married couples to be a part of a panel discussing relationships and marriage. Each couple has their own experiences and wisdom about how achieve the most fulfilling partnership with God and his/her spouse.

Date: TBD

Location: UUW-324

Spring Fling

CBF serves the Student Association by helping distribute food and drink to the campus community. Come drop by our table during Spring Fling and find out more about us!

Date: TBD

Location: Peace Quad

Procrastination Station II

Like the fall, CBF helps the campus community relax before spring finals week by providing free food and a time to push off studying just a couple more hours.

Date: TBD

Location: Tillman Lobby

Summer Retreat - Adirondack Mountains

CBF groups up for a weekend in the Summer up in the Adirondack Mountains for a time of fellowship and team-building (1 Cor. 12:12-31.)

Our group camps out doors for two nights (Fri-Sun) and partakes in a couple fun activities over Saturday afternoon. The retreat concludes after Sunday Service with a meal at the famous Indian Lake Restaurant.

Location: Independent Baptist Church campgrounds, Indian Lake NY

Summer 2022 Date: July 29th-31st

Past activities we have done:

  • Hiking = Chimney mountain, Snowy Mountain, Sawyer Mountain, Blue Mountain,

  • Spelunking = Eagle Cave

  • Swimming = Indian Lake

Additional Activities

CBF organizes and participates in weekly events to bring the group closer together. These events have included in the fall semester:

  • University Wide Scavenger Hunts

  • Nights of Worship organized by neighboring Churches

  • Board game nights

  • LUMA Light Festival (1st week of September)

  • Autumn Bonfires

  • Fall weekend retreat (Fri-Sat)

  • Alumni Luncheon (Homecoming Weekend)

  • Autumn Corn mazes and Pumpkin Carving

  • And many more!!

Events of the spring semester have included:

  • Nights of Worship organized by neighboring Churches

  • Board game nights

  • Ice Skating at BCC

  • Sledding and Snowshoeing in Binghamton Snowfall

  • Spring weekend retreat (Fri-Sat)

  • Spring Fling

  • Spring Paintball

  • And many more!!