Current Administration

President: Jared T. Miller

Hello there! I'm Jared Miller and I've been a part of CBF for almost four years. I've been studying biochemistry at Binghamton to better understand the intricacies of God's world, and mathematics to learn the language God wrote the cosmos in. You can find me at my email at if you have questions about theology and science. Proverbs 14:15

Vice President: Michael Slilaty

I'm a senior studying Management Information Systems and Business Analytics. I've been at CBF for two years now. I am a musician and I want to glorify God through songwriting. Philippians 4:6-7

Treasurer: Matthew Jacobsen

Hi there, I'm Matthew Jacobsen, a Junior studying Financial Economics at Binghamton. This is also my 3rd year being a part of CBF. I enjoy having the ability to praise God with a tight knit group of believers here in CBF. I enjoy watching Football, Baseball, & Basketball in my spare time. John 3:16

Secretary: Emanuel Campo

What's up? I'm Emanuel Campo, a junior studying English with an emphasis on poetry and fiction literature. I have interest in education, philosophy and music. I've been a part of CBF for two years, and enjoy the fellowship of our group most of all.

Graduate Student Representitive: Jaryd Horton

Howdy! My name is Jaryd Horton, and I am a graduate student studying biomedical engineering. I have been a part of CBF since Freshman year, so I have been a CBFer for 5 whole years! I have been blessed to serve in CBF and work alongside these amazing people. Some hobbies of mine include baseball (*Go Red Sox*), tech, and recently, coffee. Come to CBF and talk my ear off, I am always willing to listen. Revelation 6:15-17

Dave and Elizabeth Mayner

Dave and Elizabeth Mayner have enjoyed their involvement with Campus Bible Fellowship at Binghamton University since 1994. Dave serves as Chaplain, and both of them participate in leading Bible studies and assisting with various events, as well as advising and counseling students.