About CBF

We are Campus Bible Fellowship! 

CBF is a national organization through Baptist Mid-Missions, branching out to college campuses across the United States. Its design works to meet the students’ needs for fellowship and Biblically-based studies. Many local churches are involved in supporting this ministry here at Binghamton University.

Here at Binghamton University, Campus Bible Fellowship is an on-campus Christian student group who focuses primarily on building friendships and fellowship through Bible studies and group activities outside of official group meetings.

We meet twice a week; once for a small group Bible study, and again for our large group meeting and fellowship. In order to promote increased interaction with those who are not members of our group, and to promote better understanding of the Bible and of the Christian faith, all are welcome to our meetings.

Our activities include campus outreach, community service, group Bible studies, group retreats, group prayer, as well as attending local churches on Sundays and taking part in various church functions.

Campus Bible Fellowship is an evangelical Christian student fellowship, organized and led by students to: